Other works

Behind God’s back, 9’28”, 2007, DV

The video takes its title from a Finnish idiom meaning a place far away from civilization. It combines footage from a car-testing site in Ivalo, Lapland and the aftermath of a car accident in London. These distinctive images are woven together to form an open-ended parable. ‘The moral of the story’ is a question left hanging as the video counts down to its conclusion.


Any other could be chosen, 12’00”, 2007, DV

Edited from an interview with the director of the Freud Museum in London, Michael Molnar, the piece starts as a meditation on the nature of curatorship and develops into a portrait of a more personal relationship with the past, the position of acting as a conduit for someone else’s memory.

The film was produced in collaboration with MOCAMAAS, Maastricht, Netherlands and commissioned by Museum Abteiberg, Mönchengladbach, Germany.

Was dort war, ist nicht hier, eben, 11’55”, 2007, DV

On the stage of a derelict theatre a panel convenes. The discussion revolves around the potential and historical roles of the museum. Questions about the social and economic functions of museums are raised. The video forms a fictionalised account of an actual panel discussion that took place in Museum X, Mönchengladbach, Germany, on 20/10/07. Produced in collaboration with MOCAMAAS, Maastricht, Netherlands and commissioned by Museum Abteiberg, Mönchengladbach, Germany.


The Ossuary, 4’05”, 2005, 16mm transferred to DVD

The work brings together two scenes. The first is a series of shots approaching a church made of corrugated iron, simultaneously out of place and fitting in the urban landscape of east London. The second is a view of a street, obscured by bushes, seen from inside a house. Initially seemingly opposed as an ‘outside looking in’ and an ‘inside looking out’, the two scenes both nevertheless come to share a direction dictated by the camera lens, and align in their failure to penetrate the glass they are looking through.


The Sight of Eternal Life, 2005, 3-channel video installation

The piece consists of three simultaneously running parts, and touches on the social and technological mediations of looking. The three parts are shot in a church, an orchid show and a summer ski-jumping hill come lido:

1. The Excursion, 4’33”, DV

The Excursion follows the expressions on the faces of teenagers on a school field trip. The camera captures a point of negotiation between a personal visual experience and the behavioural expectations set by a social framework. The pervading presence of cameras acts as a two-fold reminder on the one hand of an individual viewpoints ability to frame and define the world, and on the other the way in which such a viewpoint is inextricably linked to the wider structures of representation.

2. You say you want me (I want another), 15’00”, DV

Visitors at an orchid show engage in a consumption of images. The tools of mediation between them and their arbitrarily assigned objects of desire, the orchids, form both an enabler and an obstruction for their experiences.

3. Green, 14’30”, DV

Green is shot at an unusual site of leisure, where swimmers in an outdoor swimming pool are joined by summertime ski jumpers. The location, which is never revealed in its entirety, is reflected in the peculiar combination of the social and the idiosyncratic in the performances in view.

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