Correct Distance

Correct Distance is inspired by Nicholas Ray’s We Can’t Go Home Again (a project he started with his students 1971 and re-released 2011) and tells a fictional story set in the present. Through three intercut scenarios/sets of conversations – students improvising and acting out scenes, their teacher having a conversation with a friend about them and the friend discussing the teacher with a younger man who may of may not be her former student – the film explores the reconfiguration of hierarchical structures, aging, sexual and gender relationships in a ‘world without fathers’. The ability to perceive depth, and the lack of this ability, forms a motif around which the work pivots.

Actors: Hannah Gross, Ariel Kavoussi, Zara Plessard, Maija Timonen

Camera: Miona Bogovic and Matthew Noel-Tod

Click to view excerpt.


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